I’ve been posting so much wedding stuff lately, but I also adore family sessions.  The natural joy and exuberance of toddlers is so fun to photograph!  Love this sweet family:)

Raleigh Family Photographer 01Raleigh Family Photographer 02Raleigh Family Photographer 03Raleigh Family Photographer 04Raleigh Family Photographer 05Raleigh Family Photographer 06Raleigh Family Photographer 07Raleigh Family Photographer 08Raleigh Family Photographer 10Raleigh Family Photographer 11Raleigh Family Photographer 13

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Scott and Tiffany’s wedding at the Sutherland was a lovely and elegant Gatsby-style affair under the flowing white drapes and chandeliers that transformed the outdoor pavilion.  Gold and rose and white were the colors Tiffany chose, and every detail was carefully planned for a wonderful wedding day.   The afternoon rain showers dissipated just in time for photos and a night of dancing ended with a dramatic confetti exit to their getaway car!

The Sutherland Wedding 01

The Sutherland Wedding 02aThe Sutherland Wedding 03The Sutherland Wedding 04The Sutherland Wedding 05The Sutherland Wedding 06The Sutherland Wedding 07The Sutherland Wedding 10The Sutherland Wedding 11The Sutherland Wedding 12The Sutherland Wedding 13The Sutherland Wedding 14The Sutherland Wedding 15The Sutherland Wedding 16The Sutherland Wedding 17The Sutherland Wedding 19The Sutherland Wedding 20The Sutherland Wedding 21The Sutherland Wedding 22The Sutherland Wedding 23The Sutherland Wedding 30The Sutherland Wedding 32The Sutherland Wedding 35The Sutherland Wedding 36The Sutherland Wedding 38The Sutherland Wedding 40The Sutherland Wedding 43The Sutherland Wedding 44The Sutherland Wedding 45The Sutherland Wedding 48The Sutherland Wedding 49

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  • Wow! Incredible! I wish my wedding pictures were half as amazing as these xReplyCancel

  • These are amazing! Very sharp and vibrant photos. I felt like I was at this wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Wow! You did an amazing job capturing every detail of their special day. I love the colors the bride chose! Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous photos, gorgeous bride! What could be better?ReplyCancel

  • Wonderful images. The wedding looked terrific and I bet the B+G are thrilled with the images!ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful wedding, and so well captured! Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous wedding! The couple looks so radiant and happy!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful wedding! I love the photo of the ring bearer! His expression is adorable! You are a great wedding photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Amazing Work!ReplyCancel

  • What a lovely wedding at The Sutherland! I can’t get enough of the elegant rustic feel this day had. You captured their excitement, love, and joy perfectly :-)ReplyCancel

  • This wedding is just Beautifully shot at The Sutherland. Great Job Red Stone PhotographyReplyCancel

  • These are gorgeous. Timeless, romantic, and fun wedding photos! I especially love the confetti send-off. Great work!ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful Sutherland wedding!! All of your photos are so crisp and sharp- they are awesome! I know your couples are really going to love and cherish these memories forever!! I really love their exit photos with the confetti- you did a fantastic job with the lighting and details! Great job Red Stone Photography!!ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    What a stunning Sutherland wedding, done by Red Stone Photography!ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous couple at a beautiful venue! Beautiful Sutherland wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Such a lovely Sutherland wedding! Loving the getting ready shots of the bride, and her wedding dress is stunning, I love the sweetheart neckline with the lace sleeves. Congrats to the happy couple, and great work Red Stone Photography!ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous! All of your images are so crisp! LOVE!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie (little Brent's sister)

    So beautiful!!ReplyCancel

Stacy forgot to tell be before our scheduled bridal session at her parents’ home in Southern Pines that they happened to have The Coolest Driveway in the History of the World.  I could have photographed her among those impossibly tall and beautiful pines all day!  Fortunately we just completed her session as the rain hit and it was time to say goodbye.  But, now that Stacy and Steve are married, I can share!!  Love Stacy’s gorgeous dress and autumn bouquet:)

Raleigh Wedding Photographer 001Raleigh Wedding Photographer 002Raleigh Wedding Photographer 003Raleigh Wedding Photographer 004Raleigh Wedding Photographer 005Raleigh Wedding Photographer 006Raleigh Wedding Photographer 008Raleigh Wedding Photographer 009Raleigh Wedding Photographer 010Raleigh Wedding Photographer 011Raleigh Wedding Photographer 012

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  • These are stunning! I love the location and adore the ones of her with the veil covering her face. They are so innocent and pure. Gorgeous bride, gorgeous shots!ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful bride! That driveway is amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Wow, just gorgeous! Love everything about these, from the beautiful bride, to the lovely tree-lined driveway, the locations and posing – everything is amazing. Love!ReplyCancel

  • I can see why you love that location, just gorgeous. She is a beautiful bride. I bet she loves these images.ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous! What a stunning bride – this is a lovely bridal session!ReplyCancel

  • Mandy

    Oh.My.Goodness! What a fabulous location for bridal portraits – is all of Southern Pines this beautiful? Oh yes… and stunning photographs, of course! Love everything about them – the variety, the composure.. you have done a fantastic job… I wish I had a set of portraits like these!ReplyCancel

  • What a gorgeous autumn bride. The details, simplicity the location are all beautiful! Your wedding photography is simply gorgeous. I love this location and this Raleigh bride was simply stunning.ReplyCancel

  • Wow, those photos of her standing in the ivy leaves with the red plants framing her are gorgeous. Definitely my favorites:)ReplyCancel

  • Laura Carlson


  • Beautiful location…love the wide angle view of the trees and the bride…i have to start using my wide angle lens…loved looking at this gorgeous picturesReplyCancel

  • Wow, these are stunning! She is beautiful and you did an amazing job capturing her beauty!ReplyCancel

Logan and Erica planned a wonderful destination wedding at a new (to me!) venue, the lovely secluded Destin Bay House.  All of their friends and family came in for a fun rehearsal dinner dolphin cruise, and then reunited the following day for a relaxed and joyful wedding ceremony right by the bay.

Florida Wedding Photographer 01Florida Wedding Photographer 03Florida Wedding Photographer 04Florida Wedding Photographer 05Florida Wedding Photographer 06Florida Wedding Photographer 07Florida Wedding Photographer 08Florida Wedding Photographer 10Florida Wedding Photographer 11Florida Wedding Photographer 12Florida Wedding Photographer 13Florida Wedding Photographer 14Florida Wedding Photographer 15Florida Wedding Photographer 16Florida Wedding Photographer 17Florida Wedding Photographer 18Florida Wedding Photographer 20Florida Wedding Photographer 21Florida Wedding Photographer 22Florida Wedding Photographer 25Florida Wedding Photographer 26Florida Wedding Photographer 27Florida Wedding Photographer 28Florida Wedding Photographer 29Florida Wedding Photographer 31Florida Wedding Photographer 32Florida Wedding Photographer 35Florida Wedding Photographer 36Florida Wedding Photographer 37Florida Wedding Photographer 38

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I was so excited to head back to Duke Gardens for Eric and Alice’s beautiful dusk waterside wedding.  Duke University is special to them because they met here while in post graduate programs at the same time.  Alice wowed everyone with FOUR gorgeous dresses and they incorporated many traditional Chinese customs into their emotional vows, including the ceremony of the three bows, and a tea ceremony.  Guests came from as far away as Australia and China to celebrate with them, and after the festivities were over, they exited through a tunnel of sparklers in traditional clothing to their getaway car.

Raleigh Wedding Photographer 02Raleigh Wedding Photographer 04Raleigh Wedding Photographer 05Raleigh Wedding Photographer 06Raleigh Wedding Photographer 07Raleigh Wedding Photographer 08Raleigh Wedding Photographer 09Raleigh Wedding Photographer 10Raleigh Wedding Photographer 11Raleigh Wedding Photographer 20Raleigh Wedding PHotographer 22Raleigh Wedding PHotographer 23Raleigh Wedding PHotographer 24Raleigh Wedding PHotographer 25Raleigh Wedding PHotographer 26Raleigh Wedding PHotographer 27Raleigh Wedding PHotographer 30Raleigh Wedding PHotographer 31Raleigh Wedding Photographer 44Raleigh Wedding Photographer 45Raleigh Wedding Photographer 48Raleigh Wedding Photographer 49Raleigh Wedding Photographer 50Raleigh Wedding Photographer 51Raleigh Wedding Photographer 52Raleigh Wedding Photographer 55

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  • wow, just wow! You captured the details and traditions during their wedding beautifully!ReplyCancel

  • Lovely! Chinese weddings are so fun to photograph – I love all the traditions. I especially like the bowing shot.ReplyCancel

Loving this rooftop photo from Sam and Billy’s Charlotte wedding at Roof with a View.  That skyline!!!!  This image was also featured on Huffington Post Weddings!!

charlotte wedding photographer

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  • So pretty! I love nightshots with a skyline:) I love that their happy expressions are highlighted so well!ReplyCancel

  • I love this image!!! The expressions on the faces of this couple clearly in love take it to the next level! Love!ReplyCancel

It was so fun to open up the fall issue of Occasions magazine and see this gorgeous 2 page spread featuring Brian and Savannah’s beautiful autumn elopement from last year!!  Love all of their warm colors and personal details:)  You can also find an online feature at Occasions Online with more photos and their story:)


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  • That’s so awesome! Their wedding looks so nice. I can see why they wanted to feature it in the magazine. I love the coordinating doggies. So cute!ReplyCancel

  • Tonya Palumbo

    You are beyond talented and I could get lost for hours looking through your site. Stunning wedding photography work!ReplyCancel

  • Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on the feature! :)ReplyCancel

One of the side effects of a super busy fall season is getting so behind on blog posts that I’ll probably need to devote a week to putting them all together.  Here is one of my favorite weddings from this past summer:)  Ashley and Cody were married on a bright sunny day at Carillon Beach.  Coral and silver details and a fun joyful spirit dominated the day.  Sitting here on a freezing fall morning it is a delight to sort through the sunshiny color-saturated images from a few months ago and feel a little warmer:)

Raleigh Wedding Photographer 101Raleigh Wedding Photographer 102Raleigh Wedding Photographer 104Raleigh Wedding Photographer 105Raleigh Wedding Photographer 106Raleigh Wedding Photographer 107Raleigh Wedding Photographer 108Raleigh Wedding Photographer 109Raleigh Wedding Photographer 110Raleigh Wedding Photographer 111Raleigh Wedding Photographer 112Raleigh Wedding Photographer 113Raleigh Wedding Photographer 114Raleigh Wedding Photographer 115Raleigh Wedding Photographer 118Raleigh Wedding Photographer 119Raleigh Wedding Photographer 120Raleigh Wedding Photographer 121Raleigh Wedding Photographer 122Raleigh Wedding Photographer 123Raleigh Wedding Photographer 124Raleigh Wedding Photographer 125Raleigh Wedding Photographer 126Raleigh Wedding Photographer 145

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Happy 1st birthday little Averie!  I am happy to call you my neighbor and watch you grow:)

Raleigh Family Photographer 01Raleigh Family Photographer 02Raleigh Family Photographer 03Raleigh Family Photographer 04Raleigh Family Photographer 05

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