The only time I’ve ever photographed a wedding while balancing on high heels and worrying about the camera dislodging my false eyelashes was the time when I photographed my best friend’s wedding, and was also a bridesmaid!!  Luckily I had my trusty friend Erin Costa second shooting, and she took care of all of the photos that I needed to be in:)  And despite all of the things that could have gone wrong, the day went perfectly smoothly!  I walked down the aisle with the other girls, and then scooped up the camera I had stashed behind the front row and photographed the wedding, jumping back in just in time for the recessional.  The wedding was beautiful, a true gathering full of love and joy.  Both the ceremony and reception took place at the Borland Center, a venue in Boca Raton, FL.  Heather and Tommy included their two children in the ceremony and reception, and we all had an amazing time!

Boca Raton Wedding 18

Boca Raton Wedding 1Boca Raton Wedding 21

Boca Raton Wedding 7

Boca Raton Wedding 20Boca Raton Wedding 2Boca Raton Wedding 3Boca Raton Wedding 4Boca Raton Wedding 5Boca Raton Wedding 6Boca Raton Wedding 8Boca Raton Wedding 9Boca Raton Wedding 10Boca Raton Wedding 11Boca Raton Wedding 12Boca Raton Wedding 13Boca Raton Wedding 15Boca Raton Wedding 16Boca Raton Wedding 14Boca Raton Wedding 17Boca Raton Wedding 19

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Stacy and Steve are 2 doctors (and Stacy is from a family of Doctors!) who met in Oncology school and fell in love. Their lush and gorgeous outdoor wedding was held at her parents house in Southern Pines, and the beautiful fall colors she incorporated were a feast for the eyes! Details included: Hand written wooden seat cards with tiny flashlights, a s’mores bar, boxes full of goodies for all the kids, and elegant table settings incorporating wood, orange and red and amber textiles and blooms, and twinkling candles, all under a beautifully lit tent surrounded by stately pines.  Steve surprised Stacy with a serenade, and they both surprised their guests with a choreographed Thriller dance!

Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 13

Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 1Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 2Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 3Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 4Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 5Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 6Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 7Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 8Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 9Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 10Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 11Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 12Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 14Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 15Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 16Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 17Stacy and Steve Tented Wedding 18

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Loved shooting Bethany and Steve’s beautiful wedding in Destin!  Steve, a business owner, and Bethany, a former New Orleans Saints cheerleader, hosted a stunning day full of laughter, tears, and celebration.  The Emerald Grande in Destin, FL is a wonderful venue, especially for a destination wedding.  All the guests can stay in the hotel and the beautiful deck with the incredible view and reception options are all a minute away.  After the ceremony, we snuck a ride via water taxi to the beach for some couple photos, and then back to the hotel for the party!

Bethany Wedding Blog 14 Bethany Wedding Blog 2Bethany Wedding Blog 3Bethany Wedding Blog 4Bethany Wedding Blog 5Bethany Wedding Blog 6Bethany Wedding Blog 7Bethany Wedding Blog 8Bethany Wedding Blog 9Bethany Wedding Blog 10Bethany Wedding Blog 11Bethany Wedding Blog 12Bethany Wedding Blog 13Emerald Grande 002Emerald Grande 004Emerald 001emerald grande 003





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I love a long flowing veil!  Keri’s Fayetteville bridal session was so fun…we walked all around the downtown looking for good spots and it was hard to narrow it down to just a few.  Between the parks and the main strip, there was a lovely variety of modern and classic settings.  Add a little bit of wind for the veil and some sunshine and this session was one of my favorites of the year:)

Bridal Portraits 01Bridal Portraits 02Bridal Portraits 03Bridal Portraits 04Bridal Portraits 06Bridal Portraits 07Bridal Portraits 08Bridal Portraits 10Bridal Portraits 11

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